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Exercise Your Mind: Top 4 Reasons Why VMware is a Fit-Friendly Worksite

What is your work schedule like? Are you on the go, moving around from one location to another, or are you relatively stationary, sitting in one spot for the majority of the day?
At VMware, we believe that it is important to integrate balance in our peoples’ work schedule so that each individual can grow professionally while focusing on his or her well-being. And it is because of this, that the American Heart Association recognized VMware as a 2013 Fit-Friendly Worksite.DS-6029 AHA_Seal13_Gold_cmyk
Each year, the American Heart Association honors employers that go above and beyond to foster a healthy environment for their employees. Why, you ask? Well, it’s because heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, and physical inactivity doubles this risk. That’s pretty scary if you stop to think about it…but let’s keep moving and see why VMware was afforded this honor: Hear from our people too and see how VMware empowers us  to live a balanced life!

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